Crypto Pirates: An exciting multiplayer game where users can own and build their ships.

4 min readJun 22, 2022


The Crypto Pirates is a tokenized decentralized play2earn nft gaming blockchain powered by a strong community of cryptocurrency traders and cryptocurrency investors. This blog will look at the different aspects of the tokenized decentralized play2earn nft gaming blockchain and how we can use it in a decentralized manner.

Crypto Pirates is an ICO which is now live. Crypto Pirates is designed to make gaming fun and to help gamers earn a passive income. This ICO is run by a well-known virtual gaming platform. This platform already has thousands of registered users and is about to get a whole lot bigger. It is for this reason that the gaming platform has decided to launch an ICO. The aim of this ICO is to raise money to grow the platform and to ensure that players earn more free crypto.


Crypto Pirates is an exciting multiplayer game where users can own and build their ships, form crews and battle other players. The game is based on blockchain technology, so all the player’s data will be stored in a secure environment that cannot be manipulated or deleted. It uses a special token called CPY to power the gaming platform. With this token you can create new ships, upgrade your existing ones and purchase items from our shop.

Blockchain decentralized play2earn gaming company built on EOS.IO blockchain technology. It is nft tokens that can be used in games to earn crypto assets and fiat money. It is based on the concept of buying game time with your game tokens, then you can use those crypto assets while playing to earn more assets or fiat money.

It allows players to mine and trade unique tokens while playing casual games. The team at Crypto Pirates is focused on creating an environment that is friendly to both gamers and developers alike. It is a nft crypto gaming blockchain that allows players to earn NFTs from playing games and selling them in market. The project itself will develop 5 games and will be continuously adding more as the player base increases.

Crypto Pirates Marketplace

Over time, we will create our own marketplace to make it convenient for our players to shop. Crypto Pirates is constantly being updated and improved, and we plan to introduce functionality that will allow players and traders to check the current state of their NFTs before deciding which one to sell or buy. NFTs can be traded on our marketplace. After purchasing and selling them in the game, the owner of the object will receive an advantage that will allow him to earn even more tokens.

Opportunities for investors and players

  • For Investor
    We will foster a task and put resources into its advancement to build the perceivability of the venture among the crypto local area. This will give interest to our resources and increment their worth.
  • For players
    You can play this game with zero speculation, which allows an opportunity to create a gain with current tokens. You can pull out tokens to your wallet or make in-application buys.


Roadmap :

2022 Q1

  • PVE fights
  • PvP
  • Random events
  • Looting ingame piastr and resources
  • Leaderboard
  • Upgrade ships
  • Ingame “Piastr

2022 Q2 :

  • Looting artifacts
  • New random events
  • Trophies
  • Friend system
  • Drop artifacts in PvP
  • Inventory
  • New upgrade ships
  • Token “Piastr”
  • NFT Gen 1
  • AirDrop
  • Closed Beta Test

2022 Q3 :

  • Quests
  • New random events
  • Achievements
  • Title system
  • Cooperative PvE
  • Artifacts trade
  • Ship’s Captain
  • NFT Gen 2
  • Open game test
  • Private Sale
  • Public Sale (IDO)


There is a growing trend towards decentralized gaming and nft (non-fungible tokens). By combining the two, we are innovating in an area that will enable a new generation of interactive entertainment. Crypto Pirates is the first to create such a platform. We hope that you enjoyed reading about our project. If you’re new to Fitness and want to get in shape, Pilates may help you with that. It will help you gain strength and flexibility, as well as improving your balance and posture.

Crypto Pirates Information :


BTT username: Back Space
BTT Profile Link:;u=2773957
Bep-20 address: 0xf2700b1db9f0efdb9cd2934f8d22c28531d69682