The topography of the blockchain-based gaming platform is growing exponentially with NFT, with unmistakable symbols and coins in the game. This growth can be seen as a continuation of a ten-year iteration between monetization strategies and business models.

To date, GameFi is one of the most popular new trends in the crypto industry, combining decentralized financing (DeFi) and unmistakable chips (NFT) with blockchain-based online games.


Sealem Lab is the next generation of the DeFi + Gamefi protocol, developed with an ecosystem of DeFi + Gamefi products that will interact to maximize profits while minimizing risk to users. This focus supports the opportunities we choose to evaluate and the decisions we make, because we cannot take advantage of every opportunity, but only those with clearly unresolved needs and new market gaps bring synergies to the Sealem ecosystem. In this way, we will be able to prosper and control these verticals, further disrupt the industry and offer an oversupply of existing solutions on the market.

How to Get Involved in Sealem Lab Ecosystem

There are three basic ways users interact with the Seal Lab ecosystem, these 3 strategies include tagging, gaming and mining. Therefore, users of the staking (mining) ecosystem will bet their ST tokens in exchange for SR aircraft. Miners will offer LP or $ ST tokens in exchange for multiple $ ST tokens for a given trial period. Players who play games in this ecosystem hold the NFT seal in another game to win SR chips as a reward.

As for the class of investors who hold their assets, they benefit from rising supply and rising prices. The more products offered in the ecosystem, the greater the demand for the $ ST token and automatically affects the market price. Prices determine the forces of supply and demand.

ST semi-linked ecosystem protocols, with the extraction of new chips taking place continuously. The collected part is first distributed to the ecosystem creators. Due to the nature of ST token generation, the idea of ​​the protocol is to provide a healthy premium for the $ ST token. Meanwhile, the only way to guarantee a healthy premium is to acquire more assets to increase the intrinsic value of the token.

The benefits for bond traders will come from price stability. The bondholders first invest the capital and then receive a fixed return on the ST tokens. . Upon completion of Minted $ ST, bond traders will only depend on the price of the $ ST token. The Mint will benefit from a large increase in ST $ or static prices. In other words, the player’s income comes from the game, the player has the potential to earn a daily income and also a quarterly income from participating in the game.


Sealem Lab is the embodiment of the following:

DeFi: Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed registries that helps banks and institutions eliminate control over money, financial products and financial services.
Some DeFi attractions for many consumers include:

Fees charged by banks and other financial companies for using their services are eliminated.
You store your money in a secure digital wallet, not a bank.
Anyone with an internet connection can use it without their consent.
You can transfer money in seconds and minutes.

  1. P2E (Play-to-Earn): This is the latest development in the gaming industry. It is a model that incorporates the concept of an open economy and offers economic benefits to all players who add value by contributing to the world of gambling.

How to Profit in ST Protocol

(1) Required in $ ST protocol; Connections are one of the safest ways to use ST. The ST protocol requires $ ST tokens to use the platform. This is done by issuing bonds. Users buy bonds and keep them in the $ ST liquidity journal. These types of liquidity include ST / BNB, ST / BUSD, ST / ETH. If the user buys a bond, he will be issued ST $ tokens for 14 days. The user will be rewarded for this and will depend on the overall liquidity.

(2) Bets; Most DeFi users are used to betting. ST bets allow Stke users to use $ ST chips to win $ SR chips. Holders of ST ST chips will have a daily profit and will benefit greatly if the ST ST price rises.


Name Sacred Realm Token (SR)

Total : 10,000,000,000

Chain : BNB Chain(BEP-20)


Slip: 1%


Seed 3,000,000(3%)
Public 5,000,000(5%)
​Team 5,000,000(5%)
Market 5,000,000(5%)
​​CEX 5,000,000(5%)
​​Bond 70,000,000(70%)
​​Total 100,000,000(100%)​


The Sealem Lab ecosystem offers the world’s most innovative and amazing DeFi + GameFi platform, which helps reduce risks and ensures the profitability and sustainability of ecosystem users. Based on a thorough study of DeFi + GameFi vulnerabilities around the world, the Sealem Lab project team has developed and launched a platform that eliminates all these anomalies and offers the world’s healthiest DeFi + GameFi platform where users can comfortably invest and play. .

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